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Florence All Day Long

Gotta love Florence, it's another Italian city that's just like lasagne: layer upon layer of history, beauty and character. We lined up early for a guided tour of the renowned Uffizi Gallery. We were exposed to some of the greatest masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, and we were very proud of how the students held up throughout the tour. Then we did a short walking tour of the City's downtown core which is essentially an outdoor museum in and of itself. After lunch we had some free time together for shopping and snacking and some of our boys even got into a game of basketball with some local teenagers. It was heartening to see our kids communicate with people from Italy through the common language of sports!

We had a delicious meal of lasagne, chicken, vegetables and gelato, then walked home via the Venerable Piazza Vecchio, stopping to breathe in the air of Florence before packing and settling in for the night.

I can hear the bells of Giotto's glorious bellflower ringing out 9 bells as I type this message... and on that note, I will bid you all Buona Sera. Thanks for your prayers and we'll talk again soon.

God bless now,

Bruce and the Team

PS. Today as we pushed our way through the crowded, narrow streets of Florence, it dawned on me that it was exactly 1990 years ago tonight that Jesus entered Jerusalem for what would be his last week of life in the ancient Kingdom Rome, or indeed upon the earth in human form. Have a blessed Palm Sunday!

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