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Core Subjects & Options


Our specialist educators are dedicated and passionate about the subjects that they teach. Core subjects include LA, Science, Math, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health, and Bible. Students are given the option of learning French or Spanish in Grade 6 to then follow through with until Grade 9. 

In Grade 6, our students are also introduced to Band, and continue on with the Art specialty course. When they reach Grade 7, they can then choose two options from our five programs: Band, Art, Drama, Outdoor Education or Creative Design & Project Management. Learn more about our option courses below by clicking on each image.

Students can continue exploring their passions and God-given talents in various programs offered beyond the classroom in academic, artistic and athletic areas.


In art, students explore a wide variety of media including: acrylic and watercolour painting, graphite and pencil crayon drawing, oil pastel, clay sculpture, mixed media projects, etc. A biblical concept or verse is tied in with every project. Field trips allow students to explore God's natural world through artistic creations. Art History will be touched on as classes discuss famous artists from the past and present day that will inspire their work. Art is a wonderful opportunity to learn problem solving through creativity and imagination.

Technology Tools

Students explore the use of various technology tools that are used to learn and create. Topics will include; 3D design and printing, computer programming, using artificial intelligence, spreadsheets, photography and photo-editing, video editing, digital music creation and editing, graphic design, building websites and various other computer applications.

Outdoor Education

Students continue to develop skills as musicians after the Grade 6 program, while working through more challenging music. During the music studies, they take time to look at the different musical styles such as rock and jazz. Many different types of music are performed ranging from popular film music to well-known classical themes and modern band repertoire. The older students have an opportunity to attend the ACSI Spring Festival, perform with FAC, as well as Centennial and EP Scarlett High School. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to perform in large and small ensembles and work. While there is a focus on performance, they also take time to tackle issues of musicians such as confidence, nervousness, character, ability, and faith. Instrument rental or purchase is required.


Drama is a program designed to introduce students to the theatre arts, as well as building presentation skills to be used throughout their lives. As they enter the program they will learn the fundamentals of good acting. They will also learn the details and terms used within the world of drama. As the students progress they will be challenged to use their creative, critical thinking, and leadership skills in live performances. Throughout their journey the students will be able to express themselves as well as understand what it means to immerse oneself into a character or scene. Drama class will provide our students an opportunity to confidently showcase their given and learned talents through movement, dialogue, and script.

This course combines physical fitness and outdoor education with the opportunity to engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities in and around the South Calgary area. The outdoor education component of the course will give students the opportunity to learn practical skills related to life in the outdoors. This will include a unit on survival skills, decision making as it applies to a number of outdoor scenarios, and a study on risk management. Students will also have the chance to participate in a variety of outdoor activities that may include mountain biking, an 8 km hike, rock climbing, snow sports including snowshoeing and skating, a possible rafting experience on the Bow River and more. The fitness component of the course will allow students to enhance their physical fitness using a number of training techniques including circuit training, interval training, cardiovascular exercise, and strength training.

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