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Music Academy

Piano Lesson

The GCA Music Academy seeks to develop and nurture a love of music in its students.  Founded in 1986 by Myrna Gowing as a piano academy, the Music Academy has and continues to give its students the opportunity to learn, explore, and pursue extracurricular musical education during the school day.  

Students learning piano may apply for this program no matter what their skill level. Lessons are customized to each individual child's needs. The programs cover sight-reading, musical theory as well as performance skills. There are concerts offered through the year for students to celebrate their achievements with family and friends as well as other opportunities to play.

Due to the high interest in the program, there is limited availability. Siblings of current students are given priority if lesson times become available. Students are responsible for obtaining their music books as well as renting or purchasing their own instruments. Piano students must have access to a well-tuned piano for regular practice sessions at home.


Ruth Fritzke, Piano

Ruth is an accomplished musician and teacher with over twenty-five years of teaching experience; she began teaching at GCA in 1998.  Ruth has a Pianoforte Performer-Teacher Associate Music Degree and is a Western Board of Music (University of Alberta) silver medalist.  She studied with Dr. Lillian Upright, well known Western Canadian Pianist and Pedagogue,  and with Edwin Gnandt, renowned Canadian pianist. She is "broadly experienced, extremely conscientious, hard working and a fine pianist in her own right" (Dr. Upright). Her passion for making piano lessons both educational and fun is what makes her program so immensely popular at GCA.


Dorcas Ng-Tsang, Piano

Dorcas has been playing piano for the last 25 years and also teaching piano and theory lessons since 2010. Dorcas studied under renowned performer and teacher Glen Montgomery. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from the University of Lethbridge. Since graduating in 2010, Dorcas maintains a busy private studio and is a sought after accompanist and teacher in the south Calgary area. She loves to work with children of all ages to help them explore the love of music. She is a RCM Certified Teacher and an Advanced Specialist in both Piano and Theory disciplines.  Dorcas greatly enjoys being a part of the Music Academy at GCA and sharing her love of piano with all her students. 

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