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At GCA, we have various opportunities for our older students to act as mentors to our younger population. The "Buddy" program is a school-wide initiative taking place over the entire school year. Older students are paired up with younger ones, meeting with them at different times over the course of the three terms. Together, they reflect on various Bible verses, then help the younger students create crafts related to the verses. This mentorship program is a favourite amongst our students, teaching them important servant leadership skills. 

Additionally, our Grade 5 students have the opportunity to be a part of our "Peer Leadership" program, where they act in a fun, supervisory capacity, helping at recess and during lunch hour. 

Finally, it is our goal at GCA to ensure that all of our new families have also been paired with a peer buddy before the school year begins. It's an opportunity for our families to act as ambassadors of GCA, and each student arrives in September knowing that there is a friendly and familiar face to look forward to seeing at school.

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