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Performance Arts


Glenmore Christian Academy offers many opportunities for students in both Elementary and Junior High to perform on stage either through productions, band concerts, or assemblies. 

Spring Production

Our Junior High Spring Production is a musical spectacle that runs every other school year. This massive production can include upwards of 70 students, both as actors and crew. Our theatrical productions have garnered an impressive reputation for the high quality of both the music and the acting. We perform for other local schools, as well as for a parent audience. Productions in the last years include The Lion King Jr., Fiddler on the Roof Jr., The Music Man Jr., Annie Jr., Tarzan Jr., The Little Mermaid, and more. Depending on the production, there are opportunities for some of our Grade 5 students to participate as well.

Band Concerts

Under the leadership of our Junior High band specialist, Jen Eklund, our various bands perform at Christmas, and in the Spring, as well as in a music festival in Three Hills. During our Evening for the Arts years, the Jazz band will showcase their talents as well. Students also have the opportunity to perform regularly in our Jr High Worship Band. 

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Elementary Christmas Production

Every Christmas, our Elementary school puts on a major production that includes all our students from Kindergarten to Grade 5. All grades have the opportunity to showcase their talents though choral movement and song. The production is held at First Alliance Church, with the audience numbering close to 1000. It is a capstone opportunity for our Grade 5 students as they take on the lead roles, further preparing them for the Spring Production opportunities in Junior High.

Evening for the Arts

On the years between Spring Productions, Junior High holds and Evening for the Arts: a celebration of drama, music, and visual arts. The evening includes performances from our Drama Club, as well as from our Jazz Band and our Music Academy students. Visual arts displays are located throughout the Junior High wing, along with student art demonstrations. 

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