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GCA's Mission

Funds donated to GCA's Mission fund will be used on objectives that help us to Teach Truth, Inspire Excellence, Experience Christ and Serve through Love.

GCA Bursary Educational Assistance Fund

The GCA Bursary Education Fund helps subsidize tuition costs for GCA families that are meeting short term financial difficulties.  Your support of the fund will help lessen the financial burden on these families, and help ensure their children can continue to receive the education they've become accustomed to. 

Capital Fund

GCA seeks to provide a warm, loving and safe space for its students.  We provide technology that helps our students learn effectively. Support received for the Capital Fund will be used to continually improve our school's facilities and IT systems. 

YWAM Mission Trip Funds

The Grade 9 Mexico trip is a unique opportunity for our students to experience Christ and serve through love in a cross cultural context. This trip comes at an extra cost per student for grade nine families to cover the travel costs, along with the cost of materials/supplies for the new homes.  Amounts donated to the Family Assistance fund will be used to subsidize the trip costs for families encountering short term financial difficulties.  Amounts donated to the Homes fund will be used to purchase materials/supplies for the homes.