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REIL Sports


The GCA Royals' Epic Intramurals League (REIL) program is for grades 4 through 7, and offers students the opportunity to explore competitive sports in the school environment, all while learning valuable team skills from a Christian perspective. The philosophy of the program is simple: sports can be a perfect arena to learn valuable life lessons, build character, and develop responsible leaders among our school population.

This unique program was created by members of our Elementary staff after our Grade 5 students began participating in the CCS floor hockey tournament. With jerseys and branding designed by Junior High teacher, Jonathan Tweedle, the Royals' Epic Intramurals League started as a program for Grade 4 and 5 students to participate in competitive sports each morning. Sports included soccer, floor hockey and basketball.


The program participation grew exponentially, leading to the creating our Grade 6 league and the introduction of new sports such as handball and dodgeball. This also allowed for the ease of transition between Elementary and Junior HIgh. Thanks to its enduring popularity, in September of 2022, we will also be expanding our league to Grade 7, offering Grade 8 and 9 students the opportunity to act as mentors and coaches for the younger grades. 

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