Our Faith

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It is our mandate to live lives that have been transformed by Jesus. We are not just a Christian school, but a Christ-centered environment. It is our desire to ensure that we are growing young people who will graduate GCA passionate to live their lives to honour God in all they do.

Chapels & Small Groups

Spiritual Formation.jpg

Both Elementary and Junior High hold weekly chapel times for the students to celebrate Christ together. Chapels include worship time and themes. Our Pastor of Spiritual Formation works with teams in both schools to design the chapel themes for the year, and help implement them. Junior High chapels regularly include guest speakers and pastors. 

As well, to keep with the focus on servant leadership, the Grade 9s plan and run weekly Small Groups for the Junior High students throughout the year. All the students are also paired up with Elementary "buddies" as a mentorship opportunity, where they facilitate Biblically themed activities during various times over the school year.

International Mission Trip

For over 20 years, our Grade 9 students have been venturing out to various international locations in conjunction with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in order to help build homes and share in the spirit of Christianity. There is a training session before the trip where the students are taught related skills for their community work with the children. Upon arrival, there are three days of ministries where they work with churches and local children before building homes for the community in need. Armed with supplies and a contractor to guide them, the students then create a home the size of a two-car garage. Through the year, the students and staff work to fundraise for this project. It is a wonderful opportunity to help others and share Christian fellowship. View a video here.


ReV and SEED Week

Both Elementary and Junior High have a designated week to focus on Christ. These weeks include daily chapel, guest pastors from First Alliance Church, and in the past, have included dynamic presentations and teachings from AXIS and from celebrated Canadian musicians, the Hunter Brothers. Every year it is a time to reflect on the teachings in the Bible, but also help our students see that His transformational work can be at work in their lives as well.