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Our History

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Glenmore Christian Academy first opened on September 1, 1980 in the First Alliance Church basement with 60 students in grades 1 through 6, along with an ECS (Kindergarten) program and the Agapeland Preschool program. The students in grades 1 through 6 were in three split classes (Grade 1/2, Grade 3/4, Grade 5/6) with 20 students each.

With the completion of the Christian Education addition to First Alliance Church, the enrollment was expanded to approximately 240 students in September of 1981, adding Grade 7 and 8 to the school. To accommodate the promotion of the Grade 8 class the following year, Grade 9 was added.

A senior high school program with grades 10 and 11 operated for two years. Because this met with mixed success, it was discontinued with the emphasis being placed on building a quality program for students in Kindergarten to Grade 9.

During the summer of 1987, the Board was informed that Dr. Oakley Junior High School would become vacant for September. After satisfactory arrangements were negotiated with the Calgary Board of Education, the school was relocated for September 1987.

After four years at Dr. Oakley, and the eventual termination of the lease, plans to construct the first phase of a new building were put into effect, and a 52,000-square-foot facility was created in the south of Calgary. The current Glenmore Christian Academy opened on September 3, 1991.

A new 554-seat theatre* was constructed in 2000 to facilitate an increased focus on the arts. Then, in September of 2005, a 350-seat cafeteria opened for service. Parking lot upgrades took place over the summer of 2005 to provide expanded parking. The next few years would also see a second full-size gymnasium being built.

On February 1, 2012, the new Junior High wing opened with a new band room, drama room, and chapel space. The Junior High wing was designed to provide more natural light and to encourage creative thinking, including providing furniture with innovative designs.

It has been apparent that God has had his hand on the school from its inception. We are deeply indebted to Him for His guidance and direction over the years. The significance in the lives of GCA students will be determined over time, as the students take their place in the Christian community.

*Theatre now seats 535

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