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Monaco, Avignon and Nimes - Day 9

Salut from the South of France,

Wow, just when you think you have maxed out the natural beauty meter, Europe has another surprise. Monaco is where the Alps literally drop straight into the sea. The vistas are quite breathtaking; the bus ride is only slightly less so! The sea was up and the skies were bright blue, but we had rain as we moved away from the coast toward Provence.

Avignon is a vibrant French city that lives inside medieval Walls that give it a magical air. We had a very nice dinner there, then drove to our hotel. For many of the boys, this was laundry might in Nimes. Today's visit to the historic Fragonard Perfume Factory will add to the newfound freshness and fragrance of the group! Good work boys!

So now we rest. All are looking forward to a later start tomorrow and a more relaxed pace as we visit Pont de Gard and the Arena of Nimes. There will be a picnic lunch and no doubt another football match if the weather holds. (If not we will extend our time in the excellent museum on site.)

Please pray for the health of all the students and adults. We appreciate that!

God bless you and au revoir for now.

The Europe Team

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