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Day 11 from the South of France

Good Morning from the highway between Nimes and Barcelona.

This morning we toured an abandoned limestone quarry that now houses what has to be the coolest and most elaborate high-tech art gallery on the planet. Word fail and photos scratch the surface of what we experienced today; perhaps the words of one of the boys comes closest when asked: 'The music made it very immersive... I wish I could stay down here all day!' well said, Yiming! But if we'd have done that we would have missed our dinner Barcelona.

Any parents or student who would like more info about the 'Quarry of Light' show in les Baux-de-Provence can research here:

Caution: viewing may induce another trip to France.

We made Barcelona on time for a delicious paella dinner right along the way. It's hard to appreciate just what an urban super center Barcelona is until you drive along its massive port.

Now everyone is quiet and settled into our very modern hotel close to the airport and the highway to Tarragona. This place feels very different from the quaint hotel in Florence - not that there's anything wrong with quaint!

Anyway, this is our last of 5 countries, so please keep praying for safety and health for one and all.

God bless you and your dear ones.

Europe Team

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