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Bonjour from Antibes France - Day 8

Just a quick salut from the French side of the border. We journeyed northwest from Florence and saw the iconic Cathedral and Leaning Tower of Pisa, then were amazed by the beauty and grandeur of the mighty Maritime Alps with stunning views of the sea. Wow! No wonder artists have flocked here to paint; the landscape and even the light itself were glorious, even when the skies turned black and sent us a little rain.

We walked between the raindrops along the coast to a lovely dinner in the heart of Nice - perfect name for France's 4th largest city - and judging by the silence in the hallways, I'd say everyone is catching up on a little extra sleep as I type this note...

Tomorrow we will visit Monaco, a city-state made famous by Princess Grace and Formula 1 racing (not to mention James Bond) then we'll make our way to Avignon for dinner and a couple of nights in Nimes.

Sending love and prayers from the little town of Antibes - literally the ancient Greek settlement "across the bay" from Nice.

God bless you and Buona Notte.

The Europe Team

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