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Protect Young Eyes

How to Create a Tech-Ready Home

Embracing the Tension between Careful, Countercultural, and Confident

(The content presented is recommended for parents or students aged 14 and up)


Although it’s not possible to create an internet-safe home, it is possible to create one that is internet SAFER. After well over a thousand presentations to parents, grandparents, and caregivers just like you, and countless conversations, we’ve observed what it takes to have kids learn to use technology well. And we call it the PYE Core Values. This presentation breaks down these foundational ideas.

  • Do you know what’s better than any parental control?

  • Do you know why your router is the most important digital device in your home?

  • Do you understand the toxic trio?

  • Do you know why TikTok is so intoxicating to young brains?


Get ready for a ton of practical tips, solutions, and ideas you can implement this weekend. Join us at Glenmore Christian Academy on Thursday, November 2 at 6:30 pm in the WK Grout Theatre for this free event for adults. Register through the link below.


Doug Crawford: Digital Safety Specialist and Chief Presentation Officer

Doug is a faithful husband to Rose, father to six uniquely gifted children, grandfather of the world’s BEST grandsons, and friend to everyone he meets. Derived from over 15 years of pastoral ministry and now over five years with Protect Young Eyes, he is driven by a desire to provide for, prepare, and protect families. Frequently interviewed by a variety of media outlets, including articles, podcasts, and local news stations, Doug absolutely loves teaching and seeks to serve each audience with compassion, integrity, and a dash of whimsical flair. 

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