Mother's Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up very soon and it’s time to start preparing for this special event! It is important that we do something special for our moms in order to show our love and appreciation for them. Circumstances are a little different this Mother’s Day, but that’s no reason not to celebrate all that our moms have been doing for us in this challenging time. Our blog team has come up with a few simple ways that you can say “thank you” to Mom this Sunday.

Write Mom a Poem. Poems are always nice I find, I usually write my mom a short poem and it always makes her cry. Here’s an example:

“You are the best,

You’re amazing, its true

Thank you for everything,

Happy Mother’s Day to you!”

“Mom is such a special word

The loveliest I’ve ever heard

A toast to you, above all the rest

Mom, you’re so special

You’re simply the best!”

Something funny is always nice, too - for example “Silver in your hair, Gold in your heart”

Make a card. Another easy and unique idea is to make Mom a homemade card! Nothing is more special than a little bit of effort and creativity. I suggest you find a blank piece of paper and decorate it by drawing flowers, hearts, or even a portrait of your mom. Here is a link with video tutorials that you might want to add to your Mother's Day card. Go 3D with some creative ideas for cards in this video - because who doesn’t love pop up cards :) The card you make for your mom doesn't have to be fancy or anything, but it is important to put in some effort.

Get cooking. Something simple and special to do on Mother's Day is make mom a big breakfast-in-bed! Pancakes, crepes, and french toast are all great ideas! Here are a few links that explain how to prepare a delicious breakfast that your mom is sure to love: easy pancakes, basic crepes or French Toast. Scrambled eggs are always easy (unless you are me and they end up in the dog’s stomach…HD) Or keep it pretty simple and sweet - mini meringues are easy - just egg whites and sugar! Add food colouring to make them stand out (although they take awhile to bake, they’re worth it.)

Take it outside. If you’re looking for a little fresh air and maybe a small bite, planning a picnic for this special occasion might be something you want to do! For moms, the size of the present is not what matters; the thought is what counts the most. So don’t stress and worry about the finer details of the day. Take her to a nice location, relax, eat some food, and maybe listen to some music. Make sure she feels loved and enjoy the day! Here are 23 picnic recipe ideas, and an easy Mother’s Day picnic menu.

Tell Mom how much you love her - every day! Here is a simple treasurable gift you can make. All you will need for this craft is some paper, a pen, a container (like a large jar) and perhaps some decorating materials if you would like to add some flare to your jar. First, cut up your paper. You could make them hearts, or just strips of paper, whatever you would like. Then, grab your pen and get to writing. You could write things about your mother that you love, whether it be her cooking, her hugs, or how hard she works for you. You could also put in encouraging messages, or memories that are held close to your heart. It could be anything! Once you are done with all of these notes, put them inside your jar. Lastly, decorate the jar if you choose to and surprise your mom with your gift. Simple right? Our moms deserve so much after what they have done for us. This is just one way you can show your appreciation to her. Have fun creating!

Our moms have done so much for us throughout our lives, and Mother's Day is a great way to give back. Make sure to give your mom a big hug on this day and say thank you for all the hard work she's done. I'm sure whatever you come up with on this special day is bound to make your mom happy, so good luck and have a Happy Mother's Day!

- Ideas from Keiko, Keziah, Hailey D and Valeria

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