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Day Four in Roma

What an amazing day we had visiting the Colosseum and Forum, digging the Catacombs (final resting place of over half a million Roman Christians!), playing soccer above ground and biking around Appia Antica park. It's very quiet in the hallways tonight and I think a good night's sleep will set us up for the Pantheon and Vatican City tomorrow.

The boys had a fierce game of football in a beautiful park with flower gardens shaped like fish, some young biology fans took some pictures of the local lizards, and we picnicked along the Appian Way - what a way to spend a Thursday. The Catacombs of St. Calixta were truly astonishing. There are 500 000+ bodies buried in 20 km of underground tunnels, and this is one of 6 similar Christian burial sites in the city of Rome. It was kind of surreal and inspiring at the same time. The kids are doing so well, you'd all be very proud of them, and we are starting to adjust to Rome time ...

Meanwhile, please keep praying for health and safety, and check out the pictures on the shared Google Drive posted by Mrs. Allan. I will add a few more tomorrow too as soon as I can sort out my phone!

Thanks for your support and prayers, ciao for now!

Mr. R and the Team

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