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Arrivederci Roma... Day 5

It seems unbelievable, but tomorrow we must say so-long to the eternal city. It was a large day of exploring grand public spaces and architectural wonders, admiring timeless art, and walking like champions!

No trip to Rome would seem complete without getting into the Pantheon, so we started our day revisiting that venerable domed masterpiece for a view from the inside; it is not without cause that the Pantheon is described as the best preserved, fully functional building of antiquity. It is a truly amazing sacred space.

Next up was the Vatican Museum with its vast horde of art and treasure from all over the world. (Cue: more walking.) We topped off the day with a guided visit through San Pietro (aka St. Peters) Basilica. We continue to be astonished by what we're experiencing daily AND by the curiosity, courtesy and courage of our teenaged troopers - not to mention resilience when it comes to walking!

So tonight we pack and make ready for stage two of the adventure: Florence!

More on that tomorrow. Meanwhile may God bless you all with a wonderful day.


Bruce and the Team

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