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A Great Big CIAO from Roma

We are all here safe and sound in the 'Eternal City' and one-time capital of the world. It is hard to believe we are here!

Rome is a fantastic city! After some delays in transit, we all arrived just after lunch Rome. We were off and running for a lovely afternoon stroll encompassing the Piazza Navona, the Church of St. Agnes, a Caravaggio-endowed French church, the Esquiline hill and 3 massive Egyptian obelisks.

Supper was a typical Italian affair with whopping good portions of delicious past, chicken, salad and dessert. To walk that off involved a trek down the Spanish Stairs, a long the avenue to Piazza de Poppolo with another obelisk and the original Aurelian Walls of Rome.

Whew! Now it is time for bed. We will pray and say good night early, for tomorrow we breakfast at 6:45, then leave for our big day at Pompeii at 7:30!

Hope you are all well. Please continue to pray for health and safety for everyone.

Talk soon and God Bless you

Bruce and the Team

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