International Students FAQ

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Do you accept international students?

International students are considered on a case by case basis. We do not offer boarding facilities, nor does the province of Alberta offer funding for these students. Students would also need to have a legal guardian in Calgary. We cannot offer acceptance before all necessary steps of the admission process have been completed. Assessments and interviews need to be in person and cannot be done remotely.

Can I apply from overseas?

You are welcome to submit an application, but students must be in the city to complete the admissions process. This includes an academic assessment for grades 1 to 9 and a required family interview.

What is the cost for international students?

Tuition for international students is $15,000. Payment of the one-time facility fee ($2000 for the first child and $500 for subsequent children in the same family) is also required.

Does my child need to be fluent in English language/studies to attend?

Yes. Glenmore Christian Academy does not offer an English Language Learner program. As a school with an accelerated academic program, it is required that students have a strong fluency in English communication.

Are there any subsidies or financial assistance for international students?

Unfortunately, no. There is no bursary program for international students.