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Glenmore Christian Academy is located in a modern, spacious and highly equipped 127,00 square foot building on a 13 acre campus. Our classrooms are designed with the student in mind, including offering unique desk and chair configurations to help enhance focus and group work. GCA is also equipped with two resource centres, two music rooms, our own I.T. department, two regulation-sized gymnasiums, a 535-seat theatre, a drama and art studio, a full science lab, and a spacious cafeteria. Students also spend time in Zeteo, our custom-designed sanctuary, as well as in the comfortable lounge areas where they can relax between classes. With two playgrounds and a full field, there is ample space to enjoy the outdoors. Visit here for a virtual tour.

GCA is once again open to rentals, however all rentals must adhere to strict health guidelines as a condition of their agreement. A GCA custodian is always assigned to rentals, and disinfection afterwards.  The GCA custodian will ensure that the rental is contained to their designated rental area, and that any surfaces touched during the rental are disinfected before the next school day. GCA reserves the right to reject rental applications due to concerns regarding the proposed activities, as student and community safety is paramount to GCA.  For rental inquiries, pricing and full guidelines, please use the form below or contact Angie Peters at 403-254-9050 ex 7125. 

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